About Me

To get started I just want to share a few things about this blog and a bit about who I am. The name StayingSubtle came from not wanting to be the center of it all, this blog revolves around the readers and not me. But I also don’t want to be nonexistent, and would love to be able to connect with my readers. I’m the average mom, I live in my leggings and drink too much coffee, but because I love my family I do what every mom does…  spend countless hours on pinterest trying to find recipes, also find ways to keep the little ones entertained long enough for me to cook all those meals. All that time only to find out many of the recipes didn’t turn out the way I expected. So here I’ll post recipes I created, tried, or changed that taste amazing. And under the family tab you’ll find all the family related items including encouragement, projects, reviews, and everything in between. I hope you find something here that catches your attention, and keeps you coming back.

yours truly, Victoria

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